We run two types of training courses: set courses designed to cover different aspects of turning and bespoke courses built around an individual, or a group.

Bespoke courses 

Designed around you/your group, whatever you are looking to learn/master, we will tailor the course to suit your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and availability

Bespoke Courses

Set Courses

Introduction to Turning  (full or half day)

A taster course to introduce people to the craft of turning, ideal for anyone, covering safety, equipment and technique. All tools, materials and safety equipment provided. Everyone will go home with something they have made!

Beginner Courses

Introduction to the Craft of Turning - safety, equipment, tools and basic skills.

Getting to grips with Turning - Improving basic skills, introducing different tools and techniques.

Mastering the Basics

Perfecting finishing cuts, removing chucking points, mastering basic tools.

As every person learns differently, once a student has mastered the beginner courses I prefer to do bespoke tuition, this ensures you get the most from our time in the workshop.

Specialised Courses

Colouring - paints, finishes, air brushing.

Texturing -  abrasive wheels, rotary tools, sandblasting. 

Piercing - delicate piercing using rotary tools.

Hollow Forms - skills and techniques to create hollow forms.

Spiral Work - goblet stems by hand to spiral hollow forms.

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