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Specialised Courses

Experiment with different techniques

There’s more to woodturning than just ‘turning’. There are also ways of finishing your project

and making it unique. Whether it’s creating new textures, introducing colours or detailing - I have

several different classes to interest you.

Each class is one day, giving you the chance to experiment with the finishes and techniques you’ve always wanted to try.

Colouring course

Adding colour can really make your project stand out. It can be used subtly to enhance an area or shape, or to make your work really eye-catching.

You can bring along your own projects if you have any. If not, I will provide some test pieces.

The day will cover various techniques. You can concentrate on just one or two, or have a little go at everything:

  • Paints & Colours​​

    • Ebonising

    • Spirit Stain

    • Iridescent

    • Liming Waxes

    • Gilt Creams

    • Metallic Powders

  • Finishes

    • Oils

    • Waxes

    • Polishes

    • Lacquers

    • Burnishing

Texturing course

If you’d like to add some texture and detailing to your project, then this class is for you.

The day will cover various techniques, you can concentrate on one or have a try at more:

  • Texturing using pyrography

  • Texturing tools and spiralling tools

  • Abrasive wheels: Nylon and steel wheels to bring out the natural texture of the wood

  • Rotary tools: Foredom and Proxon rotary shaft tools with lots of different cutters

  • Sandblasting: from gentle grain enhancing to heavy sandblasting

If you have your own projects, you can bring them along. If not, I will provide some test pieces.

Spiral work

If you’d really like to impress people, have a go at spiral work. You’ll learn some basics of spiralling various forms such as:

  • Spiral the stem of a goblet

  • Spiral a candlestick

  • Spiral a hollow form

Feel free to bring along your own projects, but if you don’t have any, I will provide some test pieces.


There are lots of different rotary shaft tools out there. This class gives you the opportunity to learn how to use them properly - and how different cutters can give different effects.


If you have your own projects, you can bring them along. If not, I will provide some test pieces.

Hollow forms

Looking for a challenge? Learn how to make a thin-walled hollow form from green timber. We will cover design and how to use various hollowing tools to create a thin walled hollow form.


Ready to book your class?

Fill in the form on my contact page and we can arrange a date or discuss any questions you might have.

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