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My Work

Wood is a wonderful material to work with, every piece is unique.


Originally my work was inspired by Tracy Owen and Stuart Mortimer, now it covers most styles of turning from functional items such as bowls, platters and pens to decorative and art work like hollow forms, goblets, boxes and spiral work.


In 2018 I entered two pieces into the Worshipful Company of Turners Competition, both pieces were awarded commendations.


Being able to teach these skills to others is a great pleasure and an honour to keep the craft of woodturning alive.

Texturing & Colouring

Wood is such a tactile material.

Turning is only the beginning of the woodturning journey. There are many ways to make a piece stand out by enhancing what’s already in the wood.

Colour can highlight the natural beauty of the wood, taking the eye to a specific area of the work. It can also be used to completely change the appearance.


I love exploring different texture and carving techniques, experimenting with texturing tools, abrasive wheels, and sandblasting. Texture can be added to enhance a piece, from subtle boarders to whole works being textured.


Here, you can see some examples of my work using spirit stains, ebonising, iridescent paints, metal infills and coloured waxes.

We run specific courses to cover all of these techniques.

Studio photography by Ralph Nisbet Photography.

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