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FAQ about a training day

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How the day will look:

09:00 Day starts with tea/coffee and biscuits, a safety briefing and an outline

of the day.

09:05 Start the program for the day

10:30 Optional break for tea/coffee and biscuits (10 mins)

12:15 Lunch 

13:00 Continue with the program

14:30 Optional break for tea/coffee and biscuits (10 mins)

16:30 Finish off & tidy up

16:45 Summary of the day’s progress

17:00 Hometime


What should I wear to my woodturning class?


You’ll need long trousers and sturdy footwear, safety boots are not required, remember you'll be on your feet a lot of the day so something comfortable.

No trainers or sandals.

Long hair will need to be tied up.

Do I need to bring my own wood?

No, I will provide all the wood you need, as well as paints, adhesives, waxes etc.

What safety equipment do I need - or do you provide it?

All safety equipment is provided. For every class there’ll be:

  • Smocks

  • Visors

  • Safety glasses

  • Earplugs

  • Gloves

  • Dust masks

Are woodturning tools also provided in the classes?

All machinery and tools are provided, but if you have your own tools or PPE, you’re more than welcome to bring them along.

Can you teach people under 18?


Yes, I can teach from any age, this obviously depends upon the persons ability to hold tools and accept instructions, generally I would say from 12 years old. For these classes, I keep a ratio of 2 students to one woodturning tutor. 

How much do the classes cost?


With people I haven’t seen before I recommend  one to one tuition, this is for two reasons, firstly safety, secondly this way the student gets my full attention for the whole day and maximum time at a lathe, if take more than one person the class has to go at the speed of the slowest individual and sometimes people can end up watching someone else much more that doing it themselves! 


For family members or good friends who are happy to accommodate each others abilities I am happy to do classes for multiple people.

Once I know a persons level I will try and arrange classes for students of a similar level.

One-to-one training    £240 per day

Two to one training     £180 per day per person

Three to one training  £140 per day per person

Four to one training    £120 per day per person

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