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Fine-Tuning Your Skills

Master the fundamentals of turning

This is your chance to perfect your finishing cuts, to reduce the need for sanding, to be

innovative and creative. To use the skills you already have, but make them even stronger.

For this class, you’ll have some woodturning experience, but looking to refine your skills. You’ll master

the basic tools for bowl and spindle turning - and dramatically improve the finish of your work.

Class overview

Intermediate| One day | Turn a spindle & bowl or platter

As always, we’ll cover the basics of safe working practice to refresh your memory to ensure everyone work safely. We will then chat about your turning, what you enjoy and what you wish to improve on. This allows me to tailor the day around your own needs and expectations.

We will then cover basic design, before moving to the lathes to make a start.

Prepping your workpiece

There are different ways to mount your work, so I’ll go over each of these and help you choose the right one for your particular project

Making your masterpiece

Shaping the outside with new techniques

Adding detail or texture

Turning the inside

Removing any trace of the chucking method

Sanding and smoothing your wood

Different finishing options

Finishing up

Tidy up and summarise what you’ve learnt during the day

Take home your new bowl or platter


Ready to book your class?

Fill in the form on my contact page and we can arrange a date or discuss any questions you might have.

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