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A Woodturning Experience

Experience a day in our woodturning studio

It’s so satisfying to make something beautiful out of wood, and that’s exactly what

you’ll do on my woodturning experience day.


This is a one to one training day, giving you the chance to experience woodturning for the first time - no experience

is required and all materials and safety equipment are provided. 

By the end of the day, you’ll have a beautiful, handmade bowl to take home - made from a high quality wood such as oak, elm, beach or ash.

Class overview

We will start with a quick overview: what you’ll be working on, safe working practice, PPE

Prepping your workpiece

How to mount your work to the lathe

Making your masterpiece

How to use the tools correctly

Roughing down the wood

Shaping the outside

Turning the inside

Sanding to make it extra smooth

Finishing with wood wax

Finishing up

Tidy up and summarise what you’ve learnt during the day

Take home your new bowl

Ready to book your class?

Fill in the form on my contact page and we can arrange a date or discuss any questions you might have.

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