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The Workshop

In 2016, I designed a purpose-built workshop. It’s where I spend most of my days; turning, exploring new techniques, and honing my skills. It’s also where I host my woodturning classes. It's bright and comfortably, with areas for design, preparation, turning, colouring, texturing and finishing, as well as an area to sit and chat over a cuppa!

The workshop has a huge range of turning tools to suit every style of turning, from small delicate micro gouges to huge hollowing tools and gouges.

Safety is extremely important, so there is lots of PPE available including: smocks, face-masks, safety glasses, and ear defenders. The workshop is also fitted with anti- fatigue flooring, dust extraction and air filtration - all the safety features you would expect in a purpose-built professional workshop.


I have four lathes:


VB36, capable of turning 2.3m diameter

Jet 4224B, capable of turning 2.6m long & 610mm diameter


Laguna REVO 18/36 capable of turning 910mm long & 450mm diameter


Laguna Revo 12/16 capable of turning 390mm long & 310mm diameter


The workshop also has additional woodworking equipment, such as bandsaw, drill press, planer thicknesser and excellent dust extraction and air filtration systems

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